Makaweli Meat Company

About Us

More Than One Hundred Fifty Years of Experience

Makaweli Ranch’s roots date back to 1865. Little did the Robinsons know, when they started the ranch as a source of food production for their family, that over the course of more than four decades cattle ranching would become a significant business operation for them.

Makaweli Meat Company (MMC) was founded to service the ranch and over time has expanded to service restaurant and hotel chefs throughout the islands of Hawai`i. Specializing in Center of Plate, we focus on providing innovative protein options while working with you to control your food costs.

Our two divisions allow you the opportunity to support local as well as source proteins that you cannot find on island. Each division is in alignment with the standards of excellence you’ve come to associate with the Makaweli brand. MMC includes:

 Supporting a Legacy of Environmental Consciousness

Makaweli Meat Company is proud to honor the Robinson family’s legacy of land preservation, environmental consciousness, humane treatment of animals, and self-sustaining agriculture by implementing:

  • A hydroelectric plant on the ranch which produces all the electrical power for our operations.
  • Humane handling and stress-free meat processing procedures designed by Temple Grandin.
  • A state-of-the-art wastewater system that converts liquid byproducts into fertilizer.

 People Behind the Brand

When you purchase your proteins through MMC, you are supporting not only these sustainability initiatives, but the people behind the brand—our network of local businesses that includes:

  • A staff of ten Makaweli Meat Company employees (i.e. butchers, processors and drivers) who process every cut by hand to ensure quality and freshness.
  • Makaweli Ranch’s team of eight Kaua`i cowboys who maintain and manage ranch operations using traditional ranching methods.
  • The ranch hands at Niihau Ranch who maintain 8,500 head of sheep and a herd of 1,800 wild eland. This, along with abattoir operations, supplements the economy of the island’s tight-knit community.

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